12-CURRENT won't configure to download packagesite.txz yet

Allan Jude allanjude at FreeBSD.org
Tue Feb 7 05:59:13 UTC 2017

On February 7, 2017 2:35:16 AM GMT+01:00, Jeffrey Bouquet <jbtakk at iherebuywisely.com> wrote:
>All the files
>I edit time after time for
>{$ABI}  which gives FreeBSD:11:i386  but I am on 12-CURRENT i386
>Anytime I try to attune to
>freebsd:12:x86:32        or
>FreeBSD:12:i386           ...
>it downloads the packagesite again, as it does in the ABI example, but
>a terse
>error of wrong architecture, etc, and a fail to do anything to upgrade
>to  Pkg-12.
>Can the proper file be rename upstream to what its architecture in
>simpler terms:
>like packagesite-i386-12.txz and a message printed upon de-TXZ the file
>so that
>the proper nomenclature is given to put into each of those three files
>so that the generic packagesite.txz will not error out upon download?
>Or, put the instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING ?? since it is part of
>Or some other way to de-showstopper this v11 April 2016 CURRENT to v12
>Feb 2017 CURRENT
>upgrade which still has failed to enable seamonkey-2.46_5 to run
>non-segfault [ ie cannot run ]
>vs seamonkey-2.46_4 which four days ago ran without EVER segfaulting?? 
>And cannot build
>from ports for obscure .h clang-header file related reasons? 
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Please provide the output of:
uname -a
uname -K
uname -U

Allan Jude

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