UEFI booting survey

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sun Dec 17 19:52:07 UTC 2017


If you are booting off UEFI and have a bit of an unusual setup, I'd like
you to drop me a line.

The setup that I'm looking for is any case where you load boot1.efi off one
drive (cd, ssd, hdd, nvme, etc), but don't have a FreeBSD system on that
drive, but on a different drive on the system.

An example of this may be loading boot1.efi off what FreeBSD would call
/dev/ada0p1, but having root come from /dev/ada1p1.

It's my belief that due to the fragility of this setup, few, if any, people
have this setup. If you do, please take a minute to reply to this message.
In the coming months, we're looking at dropping boot1.efi and instead
installing /boot/loader.efi onto the ESP (most likely as
\efi\freebsd\loader.efi). As part of the move to fully support the UEFI
Boot Manager, we're dropping the 'search every device in the system' part
of the current boot1 algorithm. It will be possible to configure the system
to continue booting (either via the new efibootmgr which will allow any
imaginable combination, or possibly via a fallback mechanism needed for the
embedded EFIs that have poor UEFI Variable support at the moment), but as
part of an upgrade to a future FreeBSD 12, some intervention will be

Please let me know if you have an unusual setup like this.


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