GPTZFSBOOT in Current r326622 has problems - FIXED

Thomas Laus lausts at
Sat Dec 16 17:05:57 UTC 2017

On 12/15/17 18:37, Warner Losh wrote:
> I believe that these issues have been corrected in r326888. My
> refactoring to make it easier to bring in the lua boot loader in r326593
> (after breaking the build in r326584 accidentally) uncovered some latent
> subtle ordering issues. This cause GELI-enabled (but not even using) ZFS
> boot loaders to fail. This was related to an odd interaction between zfs
> and geli implementation files in gptzfsboot (and zfsboot) which caused
> us to have two different implementations of malloc, with all the fun
> you'd expect when the second one got called.
> If you have issues after r326888, please let me know.
Warner & Group

I updated my system this morning to r326897 and can confirm that this
problem has been solved.

Good work Warner!


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