/usr/obj is 11GB huge on FreeBSD 12-current

Masachika ISHIZUKA ish at amail.plala.or.jp
Sat Dec 16 01:23:34 UTC 2017

>> I upgraded a machine from 11-stable to 12-current. The /usr/obj tree
>> is now 11GB huge:
> There was a change near the beginning of November; please see UPDATING
> entry 20171101 -- you probably have several no-longer-used
> subdirectories under /usr/obj/usr/src/.
> Once those are cleared out, my experience (tracking stable/11 & head in
> different slices on the same machines) is that stbale/11 is using about
> 5.0G, while head uses about 6.1G.

  Hi David.

  Thank you very much for good information.
  I was in trouble and removed no-longer-used subdirectories under
  Now, I have enought space to 'make -j4 buildworld && make -j4 kernel'.
Masachika ISHIZUKA

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