Strange behavior about pattern matching on manual pages [FIXED]

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Thu Dec 14 17:15:21 UTC 2017

IIRC, as I scripted this and haven't looked at it for a long time: LESS=-MMs

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> 在 2017年12月7日,06:53,Alan Somers <asomers at> 写道:
> On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 3:35 PM, Jamie Landeg-Jones <jamie at <mailto:jamie at>> wrote:
> Alan Somers <asomers at <mailto:asomers at>> wrote:
> > How about just setting MANPAGER=less in your environment?
> Because some of us prefer "more"?
> And as I said, it's related to searching using the more(1) command generally.
> I was under the impression that fixing bugs in existing commands was a better
> solution than telling someone to simply use something else.
> Yes, it certainly is.  Are you sure this is actually a bug in less, or is it just weird-but-intended behavior when less is emulating some old version of more?  It would be worth comparing our less sources to upstream's to see what differences have crept in, and svn blaming them to see why.
> -Alan

I just test it in FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p5

It works well when I change PAGER=more to PAGER=less before man(1).

And I found more(1) and less(1) is the same thing(they have the same inode number laying in fs), may be just different command name, different behavior.

If it is emulating more(1) behavior by less(1), why not just replace default PAGER=less ?

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