GPTZFSBOOT in Current r326622 has problems

Warner Losh imp at
Thu Dec 7 00:38:24 UTC 2017

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 5:17 PM, Thomas Laus <lausts at> wrote:

> Warner Losh [imp at] wrote:
> > You can just build the boot blocks at each step if you'd like to save
> some
> > time on the binary search.
> >
> > cd stand
> > make cleandir obj depend
> > make -j XX
> > sudo -E make install
> >
> Warren:
> I built and loaded r326500 successfully.  It looks like the problem is
> after r326500 and before r326662.

OK. Still a fair number of changes, including changes to geli to fix

326585-326594 is a flurry of changes. Then another in the 326609-326610
range. There's one other trivial one. I'd wager that if '500 works, the
breakage will be somewhere in the first range, which suggests 326590 might
be a good, next pivot. There's also a few just after '500 that might break
things as well if I messed something up. '504 and '507 both touch this
stuff directly...

Good luck!


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