GPTZFSBOOT in Current r326622 has problems

Warner Losh imp at
Wed Dec 6 22:31:09 UTC 2017

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 3:21 PM, Thomas Laus <lausts at> wrote:

> Warner Losh [imp at] wrote:
> > I've been *VERY* busy between then and now cleaning up the boot loader
> > "accumulated technical debt". Alas, sounds like I've broken something.
> So I
> > think it's a binary search: I'd start with 326370 as the pivot and
> 326500 /
> > 326250 as the next steps if it succeeds / fails.
> >
> Warren:
> I reverted my system to r326370 and it booted normally.  It looks like
> something broke after that revision.  I'll cue up another buildworld
> after updating the system to r326500.
> I received a couple of suggestions to take a picture and post my
> console screen of the BTX fault.  My camera battery has died and is on
> the charger for a while.  I'll build r326500 and post a picture if it
> shows the same BTX issue.

You can just build the boot blocks at each step if you'd like to save some
time on the binary search.

cd stand
make cleandir obj depend
make -j XX
sudo -E make install

should suffice. There's no compiler dependency that I'm aware of.


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