GPTZFSBOOT in Current r326622 has problems

Thomas Laus lausts at
Wed Dec 6 17:48:34 UTC 2017

Warner Losh [imp at] wrote:
> I've been *VERY* busy between then and now cleaning up the boot loader
> "accumulated technical debt". Alas, sounds like I've broken something. So I
> think it's a binary search: I'd start with 326370 as the pivot and 326500 /
> 326250 as the next steps if it succeeds / fails.
> So you are seeing a BTX error? Before we even get to running /boot/loader,
> correct? Any chance you can get me that error?
I get a screen full of register and hex numbers followed by BTX
halted.  I can do my best to transcribe all of the numbers, but that
may be very error prone to do by hand.  At this point in the boot
process, it is a little hard to fire up a serial console and capture
the output to a file.  I run Geli encrypted disks and the BTX halt
comes even before the prompt for a password.


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