GPTZFSBOOT in Current r326622 has problems

Thomas Laus lausts at
Wed Dec 6 16:48:07 UTC 2017

Warner Losh [imp at] wrote:
> Any chance you can bisect when this happened? I think I'll need more
> details to see what happened. What was your old loader that world based on?
My last good gptzfsboot was r326070.  I had not built anything since
then until this morning when I built world and kernel at r326622.
I'll look at the svn history and see where I should start.

> > I also see the problem with the loader logs dumping core that others
> > have reported recently.
> >
> I've not seen these reports, nor do I see if on my loader testing. More
> details please? Last I had heard, everything was working...
That was a typo.  I had loader on my mind and the core dumps are
dealing with logger.  I have seen recent messages to this group about
logger dumping core and someone is bisecting the issue.  I was just
reporting that it was still occurring at r326622.


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