Booting UEFI ZFS is broken on arm64

Andrew Turner andrew at
Mon Dec 4 11:26:51 UTC 2017

> On 30 Nov 2017, at 00:21, Shawn Webb <shawn.webb at> wrote:
> It appears that in the latest FreeBSD 12-CURRENT/arm64 snapshot,
> booting UEFI GPT ZFS on my OverDrive 1000 is broken. It boots up to
> this line:
> Using DTB provided by EFI at 0x801fe00000.
> Then all output stops. I'm in the process of building a custom install
> ISO that has DEBUG turned on in the fdt code. I hope to report back
> soon-ish, unless anyone else has any ideas as to what could be wrong.

This should be fixed in r326525.


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