orangepi [was: what happened to src/sys/boot?]

Mark Linimon linimon at
Mon Dec 4 03:43:50 UTC 2017

On Sun, Dec 03, 2017 at 09:33:09PM +0100, Milan Obuch wrote:
> Please see thread on freebsd-arm mailing list starting with my message
> titled 'Allwinner H3/H2+ dts question - regression?'

Ah, ok.  My brain did not associate "H3/H2+" with "Orange Pi" so I simply
skipped it.

In any case I can now get the Orange Pi + 2E to boot multiuser and have
it work the same as the Orange Pi One, with the following hack.  Actually
fixing the problem is "left as an exercise for the reader" :-)


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