Build failed in Jenkins: FreeBSD_HEAD #278

jenkins-admin at jenkins-admin at
Tue May 17 11:58:27 UTC 2016

See <>

Started by an SCM change
Started by an SCM change
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git -c core.askpass=true fetch --tags --progress +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* --depth=1
 > git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/master^{commit} # timeout=10
 > git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/origin/master^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision 926429031e0241da821577c12b4b8f7db789e7e1 (refs/remotes/origin/master)
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 926429031e0241da821577c12b4b8f7db789e7e1
 > git rev-list 926429031e0241da821577c12b4b8f7db789e7e1 # timeout=10
[Pipeline] node
Still waiting to schedule task is offline
Resuming build
Aborted by lwhsu
[Pipeline] // node
[Pipeline] node
Running on master in /usr/local/jenkins/workspace/FreeBSD_HEAD
[Pipeline] {
[Pipeline] step

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