documentation looking for a home. (kernel modules and Vimage)

Julian Elischer julian at
Fri May 13 10:45:20 UTC 2016

Sorry for double posting.. this email addresses two separate groups of 

Some time ago I wrote the following.

It really should get split into bits and put into the handbook or 

It includes a section that is all about the module load inits that is 
not specific to vimage, and there is also  a good description of 
vimage in the that the handbook could use somewhere, maybe in the 
developer's hand book.

Firstly are there any doc people that can take a look at it and see if 
it would fit in somewhere?  (Do we have an editor in chief?)  and also 
maybe some kernel people who can go over the part that describes how 
modules are loaded and check that it is still up to date.. I last 
changed it in 2010 so it could be in need of updating.

If you know about kerle module loading please take a look and see if 
anything stands out to you.. It is in the second half of the doc.

Also anyone lookign at vimage might find it worth a look.


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