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Mon May 9 22:27:02 UTC 2016

On Mon, May 09, 2016 at 12:43:42PM -0700, John Baldwin wrote:
> ...
> > I suppose there's probably some way to arrange things so the KERNCONF
> > specification in /etc/src.conf has one value during "buildkernel" and a
> > different value during "inistallkernel" -- but ... seriously...??!?
> One could do some ugly things with .make() to change the default based on
> the target being invoked (kind of like folks storing port options in
> /etc/make.conf conditional on the current directory), but that would be
> hackish.

Right; "hackish" is probably a bit ... kinder than what came to mind.  :-}

> > Wouldn't it be cleaner to have different variables (e.g., that could
> > each default to the KERNCONF specification, but could be overridden in
> > a simple text file that doesn't require delving into make(1) arcana to
> > craft or understand)?
> I think having separate variables is fine, and I think your suggestion of
> fine.  From the thread, I think it would mean you would need to use the
> two settings in your /etc/src.conf but that other folks wanting to install
> both would just stick with KERNCONF, correct?

That is my understanding, yes.

I don't mind tweaking things a bit for an uncommon case; I'd rather
avoid twisting my mind into a pretzel to do something that's been quite
easy historically. :-)

> ...
> > Would that work?  It seems as if that would work for my case.
> Yes.  I think that is also simpler than having a new WITH/WITHOUT variable
> to control how installkernel treats KERNCONF.
> ....

Yay...!  :-)

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