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Mon May 9 18:11:13 UTC 2016

On Saturday, May 07, 2016 06:50:05 AM David Wolfskill wrote:
> [Recipient list trimmed a bit -- dhw]
> I'm speaking up here because IIRC, I whined to Gleb at what I perceived
> to be a POLA violation a while back....
> On Sat, May 07, 2016 at 09:59:06AM +0200, Ben Woods wrote:
> > On 7 May 2016 at 09:48, Ngie Cooper (yaneurabeya) <yaneurabeya at>
> > wrote:
> > 
> > > glebius changed the defaults to fix POLA, but the naming per the behavior
> > > is confusing. Right now the behavior between ^/head and ^/stable/10
> > > before/now match -- I just had to wrap my mind around the default being the
> > > affirmative of a negative (i.e. only install one kernel, as opposed to
> > > install all extra kernels by default).
> > > -Ngie
> > 
> > 
> > Indeed, I am not sure I understand the POLA violation entirely (ignoring
> > the fact that this variable requires affirmation of a negative).
> > 
> > If you list 2 kernels in the KERNCONF variable, why is it astonishing that
> > 2 kernels get installed? Even if the old behaviour was to only install 1
> > kernel, if you are listing 2 kernels in KERNCONF presumably that is because
> > you want to install 2 kernels?
> Errr... no: I don't.  At least, not on the machine where I built them.

Then don't pass them to 'installkernel'?  That is, I think this makes sense
if you want to build N kernels but only install 1:

make buildkernel KERNCONF="FOO BAR BAZ"

# only install the FOO kernel

make installkernel KERNCONF="FOO"

And then if you want to install multiple:

# install both FOO and BAR kernels

make installkernel KERNCONF="FOO BAR"

The runaround seems to be whether this last case now should require multiple
explicit installkernel invocations which I find inconsistent since the build
stage doesn't.  I would fully expect 'installkernel' to install all of the
kernels listed in KERNCONF and would assume that it is up to the invoker to
choose KERNCONF appropriately.

John Baldwin

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