GELI Passphrase for disk0p4 on BTX loader - Bad GELI key: -1 with correct passphrase

Allan Jude allanjude at
Fri May 6 14:36:48 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-06 07:38, Miguel C wrote:
> Hi,
> In recent current build BTX loader now prompts for a geli passphrase, but
> typing the correct passphrase always fails.

It is not the BTX loader, but 'boot2' (gptzfsboot)

> After the 2 trys I get to the next part where loader.conf is loaded and I
> am prompted again for a GELI Passphrase (I have geom_eli_passphrase_prompt
> set to "YES") this is the one that's saved to be used later and it does
> work.
> The main diference seems to be the first one is trying to decrypt disk0p4,
> while the other is doing it for "ada0p4" which should mean the same thing
> for geli (I think) but they are not.

This is because device names have not been assigned yet

> I've misstyped the passphrase on purpose in the second prompt and let it do
> the normal boot until it tries to attach the devices and ask for a
> passphrase for ada0p4, should like the "old days" and if I fail here 3
> times it then swtichs to "disk0p4" or "DISKIDblahblah" and all of this fail
> with a correct passphrase.
> I've uses FreeBSD installer with ZFS + GELI to do this and it seems geli
> only knows how to decrypt "ada0..." but nothing else, probably due to how
> its was created, or maybe its by design...
> Anyway for me it works great if I get asked the passphrase when loader.conf
> quicks in, and use it later.
> But I am curious about the BTX loader prompt... even if it did work for
> disk0p4 how will it load the keyfile? I can type the passphrase but it
> wouldn't know about the keyfile or be able to access it.

It does not currently support loading key files, and that is why it did
not work.

This change was committed a while ago, and has since been protected
behind a new GELI flag, so you have to specifically turn this feature
(prompting for the passphrase in gptzfsboot, which allows you to boot
without having to have an unencrypted /boot) on.

If you upload your source to a more recent -current, and install that
version of gptzfsboot and /boot/zfsloader, this should stop happening to

In the future, the plan is for gptzfsboot to support loading your key
file from a new dedicated partition type, freebsd-gelikey

> Thanks
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Allan Jude

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