FreeBSD_HEAD_i386 - Build #3035 - Fixed

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Tue May 3 10:24:26 UTC 2016

FreeBSD_HEAD_i386 - Build #3035 - Fixed:

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298974 by sephe:
tcp/lro: Refactor the active list operation.

Ease more work concerning active list, e.g. hash table etc.

Reviewed by:	gallatin, rrs (earlier version)
Sponsored by:	Microsoft OSTC
Differential Revision:

298971 by royger:
xen/i386: enable the platform hypercall for i386

Not sure why the platform hypercall was disabled on i386, just enable it in
order to fix compilation of the PV timer on i386.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

298956 by sephe:
kern: Add phashinit_flags(), which allows malloc(M_NOWAIT)

It will be used for the upcoming LRO hash table initialization.
And probably will be useful in other cases, when M_WAITOK can't
be used.

Reviewed by:	jhb, kib
Sponsored by:	Microsoft OSTC
Differential Revision:

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