FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc - Build #1212 - Fixed

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Tue May 3 07:26:41 UTC 2016

FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc - Build #1212 - Fixed:

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298955 by pfg:
sys/dev: minor spelling fixes.

Most affect comments, very few have user-visible effects.

298954 by adrian:
[bwn] update bwn_dummy_transmission().

This is based on the b43 code.  It'll be used by the upcoming 11n phy.

Obtained from:	Linux b43 (concept)

298953 by adrian:
[bwn] add PHY types for later PHYs.

Obtained from:	Linux b43

298952 by adrian:
[bwn] migrate bwn_dummy_transmission() back to main, as it'll be used by other PHYs.

The Linux b43 driver uses this in other PHYs besides the g PHY.

298951 by jhb:
Revert bus_get_cpus() for now.

I really thought I had run this through the tinderbox before committing,
but many places need <sys/types.h> -> <sys/param.h> for <sys/bus.h> now.

298950 by jhb:
Fix an off by one error when remapping MSI-X vectors.

pci_remap_msix() can be used to alter the mapping of allocated
MSI-X vectors to the MSI-X table.  The code had an off by one error
when adding the IRQ resources after performing a remap.  This was
fatal for any vectors in the table that used the "last" valid IRQ as
those vectors were assigned a garbage IRQ value.

MFC after:	3 days

298949 by peter:
Change a rounding operation that had missing braces into a roundup2()
macro.  Adjust the buffer clipping code to work as expected.

This prevented a number of machines in the cluster from
booting due to "ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable"
after an unclean shutdown.

298948 by adrian:
[bwn] break out the 'g' phy code into a separate source file.

* Break out the 'g' phy code;
* Break out the debugging bits into a separate source file, since
  some debugging prints are done in the phy code;
* Make some more chip methods in if_bwn.c public.

This brings the size of if_bwn.c down to 6,805 lines which is now
approaching managable.

298947 by adrian:
[bhnd] fix more module dependencies.

Submitted by:	Landon Fuller <landonf at>
Differential Revision:

298946 by avos:
bsdinstall: fix static address assignment for protected wireless networks.

Filter out IFCONFIG_PREFIX variable (which may contain WPA keyword)
from ifconfig parameters.

PR:		169199

298945 by tuexen:
Undo a spell fix introduced in r298942, which breaks compilation.

298944 by adrian:
[bwn] break out the LP PHY code into a separate file.

This (and eventually migrating the other PHY code out) is in preparation
for adding the 11n PHY.  No, the 11ac PHY (for the BCM4260 softmac part) isn't
yet open source, so we can't grow that.  Yet.

This trims ~3,700 lines of code from if_bwn.c, bringing it down to a slightly
less crazy sounding 10,446 lines of code.

298943 by adrian:
[bhnd] add module dependencies.

Submitted by:	Landon Fuller <landonf at>
Differential Revision:

298942 by pfg:
netinet/sctp*: minor spelling fixes in comments.

No functional change.

Reviewed by:	tuexen

298941 by avos:
net80211: fix MAC address change via SIOCSIFLLADDR ioctl.

Recheck MAC address on SIOCSIFFLAGS; as a result,
'ifconfig wlan0 ether <addr>' can be used after interface startup.

PR:		208933

298940 by pfg:
sys/vm: minor spelling fixes in comments.

No functional change.

298939 by pfg:
dev/ath: minor spelling fixes in comments.

No functional change.

Reviewed by:	adrian

298938 by pfg:
Enhance the ddb examine (x) command.

* Change x/a to work similar to gdb.  The content of the memory is
  treated as an address, printed symbolically and the address is advanced.
  This way you can x/a <stack_address> and then just hit return a bunch
  of times to locate useful data on the stack.

* Add x/p.  The content of the memory is treated as an address and
  printed as hex.

This is based on the similar commit from DragonFlyBSD without the
cosmetic changes.

Relnotes:	yes
Obtained from:	DragonflyBSD (Matthew Dillon)
Reference:	0624d20e86affcd708609cbf9014207537537a72

298937 by adrian:
[asmc] add support for more models and restore keyboard backlight after resume.

This patch adds support for restoring backlight after resume and adds models

It also incorporates fixes for bug #175260, bug #203610 and bug #203512
so those can be closed if this patch is applied.

PR:		kern/209156
PR: kern/175260
PR: kern/203610
PR: kern/203512
Submitted by:	Johannes Lundberg <johannes at>

298936 by avos:
iwm: fix parameters for iwm_add_channel_band()

It accepts <first index, max index + 1>, not
<first index, number of entries>.

Reported by:	adrian

298935 by adrian:
[bhnd] add missing bus interface SRC bits, required after the last source import.

298934 by royger:
xen/control: improve suspend/resume

Implement several small improvements to the suspend/resume Xen sequence:

 - Call the power_suspend_early event before stopping all processes.
 - Stop all processes. This was done implicitly previously by putting all
   the CPUs in a known IPI handler.
 - Warm up the timecounter.
 - Re-initialize the time of day register.

Sponsored by: Citrix Systems R&D

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