gfx-next update: drm-4.8-rc2 tagged in drm-next

Mathias Picker Mathias.Picker at
Tue Aug 16 23:20:06 UTC 2016

Wow. This is incredibly welcome news. And very impressive!   

And there's not the slightest bit of 'bit' in this milestone :)

Thanks a *lot* for your hard work!  


Am 16. August 2016 09:12:44 GMT+02:00, schrieb Matthew Macy <mmacy at>:
>As of this moment sys/dev/drm in the drm-next tree is sync with
> drivers/gpu/drm (albeit only for the
>subset of drivers that FreeBSD supports -  i915, radeon, and amdgpu). I
>feel this is a bit of a milestone as it means that it is possible that
>in the future graphics support on FreeBSD could proceed in lockstep
>with Linux. 
>In addition I have IFCed both drm-next-4.6 and drm-next to HEAD as of
>Once I'm done working on Kaby Lake support I intend to get radeon and
>amdgpu to the point where they work as well as i915. Following that
>we'll need to spend some time resolving general correctness issues.
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