Enigmail issues in 11.0-RC1

Davor Balder dbalder at ozemail.com.au
Sun Aug 14 08:15:07 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I am experiencing issues with Enigmail (version 1.9.4 (20160704-1534)
and Thunderbird 45.2.0). *

*Issue: *Error - encryption command failed. Despite the fact pinentry
gtk 2. pinentry-gnome3 and pinentry-ncurses are installed passphrase
dialogue does not come up.
Instead, the process exists with error. *

*Attempt to solve*

I am able to kill gpg agent and run the following:

gpg-agent --daemon --homedir=~/.gnupg  

However, when I do that I am able to enter passphrase *in terminal
window* (which is literal, not hidden for some reason). Password
dialogue does not come up. Passphrase in terminal window is not accepted
and the process exists with error (bad passphrase).

It would appear, at least in my case, that pinentry never kicks in to
offer a suitable dialog box.

I am not certain if this is a known problem with 11.0-BETA4 or 11.0-RC1.
I started playing with this a few days ago and I noticed this annoying
issue. I managed to get gpg to work OK with alpine and mutt but not with

Do we have a fix on the way at all?


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