iwm load panic

K. Macy kmacy at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 4 21:40:40 UTC 2016

On Thursday, August 4, 2016, Christian Schwarz <me at cschwarz.com> wrote:

> Any idea which revision/commit introduced this regression?
> (I want to test iwm + freebsd-base-graphics on my laptop tonight and
>  hence avoid crashers like this one in advance.)
> @mmacy: is the revision in the current drm-next-4.6 branch of
>         https://github.com/FreeBSDDesktop/freebsd-base-graphics.git
Yes. That is what I run on my Skylake based gen4 carbon x1. 8260 support
was just added, so I don't know if it's possible to use new hardware
without exposing one's self to this bug.

In fairness, 80-85% of the time it loads just fine, and this bug looks much
easier to fix than the various issues I am looking at right now. Once
loaded the driver has worked quite satisfactorily.


> Thanks,
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> Christian Schwarz
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