[CFT] Call for testing pkg 1.5.0

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at FreeBSD.org
Tue Mar 31 19:03:29 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We just released pkg 1.5.0 beta1 (in ports-mgmt/pkg-devel),

Here is what happened since pkg 1.4.0:
- pkg has grown with an initial support for provides/requires: this is a naive
  version but good enough to at least make major upgrade of php safer as well as
  making pear/pecl maintenance saner (note that this will need modifications in
  the ports tree)
- Lots of new regression tests has been added, which allows us not less break
  your systems an unexpected way (do not worry there are still rooms for
- Initial support for OS X
- Initial support for NetBSD/EdjeBSD
- Update most of the bundled third party software has been updated to their
  latest version
- Improve the messages reported by pkg (and probably make some other worse)
- Properly support file flags
- Implement argument support for custom keywords
- Extend setting credential via plist to allow to set file flags
- Make credential syntax via plist more flexible allow to only defines the first
  fields and not latest for example @(user,,) can now be written just @(user)
- pkg updating now supports case insensitive matching
- pkg create now support a verbose mode
- Add an option to change the default on question, until now the default answer
  was "No" with that option set it would be "Yes"
- lots of fixes to pkg audit -r
- Global memory usage reduction and speed up
- Improvements and cleanup on pkg alias
- pkg annotate --show --all has been fixed
- Make pkg.h C++ friendly
- Lots of improvements in the solver
- Lots of fixes on 32 bits platforms
- Add support for: pkg create -M ./plop.ucl -p ./plop.plist
- New pkg -r <rootdir> that will install in the given rootdir without chrooting
- Export PKG_ROOTDIR to scripts allow to make them as portable as possible
- Stop trying to remove all installed package with the argument of pkg delete is
  a local file
- Be more explicit about why the solver it going to reinstall, remove or upgrade
  (when possible)
- Plenty of bug fixes
- Plenty of new bugs

Please test and report as much bugs as you can!
We could be very grateful if regressions tests could be provided along with the
bug reports :)

Plan is to release 1.5.0 as soon as possible

Best regards,
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