Libreboot X200 and FreeBSD

Piotr Kubaj pkubaj at
Sat Mar 28 10:51:22 UTC 2015

I want to buy a Libreboot X200 notebook, however, I also want to use it
with FreeBSD. I'm not sure if that works, so I asked Gluglug directly
and got the following response:

>I'm given the impression that text-mode graphics initialization used
>to work on the X200, but was broken by a later commit. A bisect might
><phcoder-screen> fchmmr: if it uses vbt or bios calls, it won't
><phcoder-screen> fchmmr: first one should work, but FreeBSD works
>only in text mode
>Text-mode is currently broken on the X200. VBT or "fake VBT" is
>currently lacking in the coreboot port for X200 ("VBT calls"), and
>lacks INT 10H video services ("BIOS calls").
>I'm not sure if FreeBSD will work correctly or not. It should work
>if you use the Video BIOS extracted from the original firmware
>(libreboot won't use or recommend this, because it's proprietary;
>instead, it uses a free but incomplete implementation called
>"native graphics initialization").

Can some FreeBSD developers make a statement on this topic? If it
doesn't work, then I can test some patches, if someone writes them, but
I'm a sysadmin, not a programmer, so I'm not really able to write some code.

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