Request for testing an alternate branch

Justin Hibbits jhibbits at
Wed Mar 18 16:41:55 UTC 2015

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 12:12 AM,  <lausgans at> wrote:
>> 6 дек. 2013 г., в 23:40, Justin Hibbits <jhibbits at> написал(а):
>> On Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 10:19 PM, Justin Hibbits <jhibbits at> wrote:
>>> I've been working on the projects/pmac_pmu branch for some time now to
>>> add suspend/resume as well as CPU speed change for certain PowerPC
>>> machines, about a year since I created the branch, and now it's stable
>>> enough that I want to merge it into HEAD, hence this request.
> Thanks for your work! What is the estimated time when it will go HEAD?
> May I expect that my powerbook4,1 machine will get ability to sleep under the FreeBSD now?
>>> However,
>>> it does touch several drivers, turning them into "early drivers", such
>>> that they can be initialized, and suspended and resumed at a different
>>> time.  Saying that, I do need testing from other architectures, to make
>>> sure I haven't broken anything.
>>> The technical details:
>>> To get proper ordering, I've extended the bus_generic_suspend() and
>>> bus_generic_resume() to do multiple passes.  Devices which cannot be
>>> enabled or disabled at the current pass level would return an EAGAIN.
>>> This could possibly cause problems, since it's an addition to an
>>> existing API rather than a new API to run along side it, so it needs a
>>> great deal of testing.  It works fine on PowerPC, but I don't have any
>>> i386/amd64 or sparc64 hardware to test it on, so would like others who
>>> do to test it.  I don't thin
>>> Also, any comments are of course welcome.  Technical concerns are
>>> obviously welcome, and I will try to address everything.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Justin
>> Thanks to hrs@, images are now available for the pmac_pmu project on
>> allbsd for i386, amd64, sparc64, and ia64:
>> .
> I understand that you provided these so people with another archs could test whether it doesn't break anything, but what about actual PPC users? ;)
> Considering that powerpc is a Tier 2 these days, it's not that easy even to get svn quickly for it to grab your tree, so I would ask adding projects_pmac_pmu to the powerpc building. Thanks.

There were some design decisions that people took issue with, so I've
been working on that.  I plan to merge the bulk of the work into HEAD
soon, but only the driver suspend/resume routines.  The additional
updates for suspending the system as a whole won't be made for some
time, due to the intrusiveness of the change.  I'm still planning for
this to be completed for the 11.0 release, and with the bulk of the
work completed, that should be feasible.

I don't have a PowerBook4,1 to test with, but I think it should work,
but some drivers may not resume properly.

- Justin

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