system failure: cannot kill webkit-gtk3 if using dumbell/radeon

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Wed Mar 4 23:16:57 UTC 2015

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 8:47 AM, Beeblebrox <zaphod at> wrote:

> Hi.
> > Sorry for the delay to get back to you (including your private emails).
> Not a problem, those were various reports left to your judgment as to
> their significance. Better to provide more information rather than less.
> slim failure: Traced to dbus start failure at bootup. Slim now starts,
> after manual start of dbus.
> GDM failure: Starts, but after taking a long time. I'll send Koop the log
> files from my recent attempt.
> > You mentioned  "ghost text" with nano in vt(4). Could you please file
> > a bug in Bugzilla with a picture of what you get? Please join a dmesg
> too.
> I can confirm this is still an issue. I'll try to get to it at the soonest.
> > the unkillable processes are interesting. If you can reproduce
> I really don't know how it came about, so no promises. The most
> interesting part of that error however, was the behaviour of vt(4). The
> problem is not only unkillable processes, but TTY freeze when doing an
> unrelated action to the locked process. I mean, nano or top have nothing to
> do with webkit-gtk3, yet caused TTY freeze (due to GPU lock-up I ignorantly
> presume)
> > the flickering you see with some applications/desktop environments
> This is really serious. It has lessened, but not gone away.
> Additionally, I started to get a "sticky mouse" problem some time ago
> and I'm inclined to agree with HPS' assessment that "drm2.ko graphics
> driver has some hard spinning loops" (
> )
> Have not had the hardware to test with different GPU unfortunately.
> Regards.
This sounds a lot like another rcorder issue. If you run "rcorder
/etc/rc.d/* /usr/locl/rtc/rc.d/* > /dev/null", do you get errors...
particularly circular dependencies? I know that webcamd and dbus have a
problem. These are very dangerous as the behavior when they occur is
undefined, very unstable and can easily result in daemons failing to start.
They are also a real pain to track down. Most often just looking at
"REQUIRES" and "BEFORE" statements is not very useful.

Note that reports of "no providers" are warnings and often normal and
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