Massive libxo-zation that breaks everything

Sulev-Madis Silber (ketas) madis555 at
Mon Mar 2 03:37:01 UTC 2015

How about we allow JSON input on those utils too... Then we get into
full-blown hell faster.

Hmm... I would like to talk with system using JSON. JSON would be in
utils that are or at least function similarly to rm, mv, ls, find,
mount, zpool, zfs, geom, mdconfig, tar, df, netstat, ifconfig... (or
maybe even talk JSON directly to the kernel?!).
How to have all that goodness, while at same time not having extra
library dependency? Without that library the system wouldn't work at all
(and there is no fallback mode for "manual operation"). Fragile library
that requires you to have worse-than-bad-Perl-looking (funnily I write
lot of Perl myself) parts everywhere in your code. And requires huge set
of tests to verify correct operation.

Hope that you never see things like this:

> df
Shared object "" not found, required by "df"

Or this:

> netstat -nhbdWi
Name      Mtu Network       Address              Ipkts Ierrs Idrop
Ibytes    Opkts Oerrs     Obytes  Coll Drop
smc0   %6s   1.5K <Link#1>      52:54:00:12:34:56 %8s     4.4M %5s     0
%5s     0 %10s       290M %8s     3.3M %5s     0 %10s       756M %5s
0 %5s     11
smc0        - fe80::5054:ff fe80::5054:ff:fe1 %8s     8.7K     -     -
%10s       592K %8s      17K     - %10s       1.0M     -     -
smc0        - 2001:ad0:91f: 2001:ad0:91f:0:50 %8s     4.4M     -     -
%10s       225M %8s     3.3M     - %10s       709M     -     -
smc0        -         %8s     4.0K     -     -
%10s       504K %8s     3.2K     - %10s       233K     -     -
lo0    %6s    16K <Link#2>                        %8s      272 %5s     0
%5s     0 %10s        24K %8s      272 %5s     0 %10s        24K %5s
0 %5s      0
lo0         - ::1/128       ::1               %8s      136     -     -
%10s        16K %8s      136     - %10s        16K     -     -
lo0         - fe80::1%lo0/6 fe80::1%lo0       %8s        0     -     -
%10s          0 %8s        7     - %10s        963     -     -
lo0         -         %8s      136     -     -
%10s       8.6K %8s      136     - %10s       8.6K     -     -

Or, at least you only see it (occasionally) in CURRENT.

( And, all current libxo issues seem to be fixed, for now... )

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