Q about fsck_ffs usage detail...

Ian Lepore ian at freebsd.org
Wed Dec 23 03:09:45 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-12-22 at 17:37 -0800, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
> After trial and error ( not easily crafted from the man page)
> crafting the "mount" command below...
> I've on a todo list a  once-in-a-while fsck_ffs  ( in single user
> mode
> or init 1), each filesystem ( eventually ) so that journalling is
> double checked
> as accurate (ufs2)
> "mount -t ufs -o rw /dev/gtp/root /  "
> ( ^^ that, not easily crafted from the man page examples, unless it
> works
> sometimes and does not work other times, or needs some precise
> order.  This command worked today...)
> So much for documentation.
> On to the question.
> The 'task' would be to run fsck_ffs -y on each filesystem once in a
> while.
> However, after remounting root or some other filesystem rw, the
> (NO_WRITE) still appears in fsck_ffs ... appearing to make the effort
> moot.   (Since it also answers (No) to its resulting ?repair?
> questions...)
> Fault of "init 1" rather than safe mode at boot, or some unintended
> not-working-yet
> fault of fsck_ffs, or some easier way to accomplish the stated task? 
> Apologies for not asking it elsewhere... seems like one or two
> persons reading
> this list may know more than others and/or sometimes do the same
> commands, every once in a while or after a crash to the debugger
> instance.
> Thanks.
> ( Not really urgent that anyone answers.  More of an inquiry than a
> problem... at least at
> r288246...  )

If I've understood your question correctly, I think the sequence you're
looking for is something like this:

  init 1
  mount -r /
  fsck -y /
  mount -w /

When the NO_WRITE message appears, fsck is saying it will not write
because others can write.

-- Ian

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