Merging GitHub Pull Requests into Subversion using git-svn

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at
Wed Apr 22 23:13:02 UTC 2015


Alfred Perlstein recently wrote this document for how to use
git-svn for interacting between the FreeBSD Subversion repo,
and the GitHub mirror of this repo:

By following the steps in that article, step-by-step,
I was able to:

(1)  take these three GitHub pull requests from Steve Kiernan:

(2)  Pull them into my own git checkout of the FreeBSD src tree

(3)  Modify the commit message slightly

(4)  Use "git svn dcommit" to push these changes directly from my Git tree
back to the
      FreeBSD svn repo:

While there were multiple steps involved, I just followed the steps in the
wiki article, and it *just worked*!  Thanks for writing this article,

While not as smooth as clicking a merge button in GitHub,
this is a valid way to accept patches submitted via GitHub pull requests,
and integrate them in our FreeBSD Subversion repo.


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