missing nullmailer feature in dma(8)/dmagent

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at omnilan.de
Tue Oct 28 10:31:00 UTC 2014


I haven't found a way to instruct dma(8) to also forward unqualified
recipients to the relayhost. It always delivers unqualified addresses
locally (if not translated by "aliases").

ssmtp(8) provides an option to define a recipient address for all local
recipients who's ID is <1000.
nullmailer(7) does exactly what I want, it doesn't care about the host
part of the recipient address, it just passes it over.

I'm missing an option for dma(8), which disables local delivery
completely, or like ssmtp, optionally only for ids <1000 resp. not
existing local users.

Maintaining aliases at each machine is too expensive.
My aim is that any operator or daemon of any (human-users-less) machine
can simply drop mails to 'chief' or 'root' or 'monitor'. Then there are
MSAs (I don't call them mailhub, in my world a mailhub stores email,
which often is called a "mailhost"), and only these MSAs care about
recipient aliasing and delivery to mailhub or relayhost. With that setup
I have exactly one (resp. each redundant MSA) place to maintain aliases
and/or other forwarding rules/mailertables etc. Since most smtp-agent
implementations handle multiple A records – although I haven't found one
which evaluates MX records – and I have more than one MSA, I can pretty
reliably guaranteee that any failing machine/device/daemon can drop a
note which won't get lost. If I did aliasing on the mailhub instead at
the interposed MSA, I'd loose poor mans' redundancy…

According to dma(8) on 11-current, it's the same like in ports
(mail/dma), which I used for testing.
I like the decision to replace sendmail, since almost any time in the
past when I really needed to use the fullfeatured MTA capabilities, I
had to replace base sendmail with a SASL extended version…
But I'd still need to spread nullmailer(7) with current's dma featrues
in 11.



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