Some NFS server V4 questions

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Sat Oct 25 10:07:59 UTC 2014

* I can't get the NFS server to run V4 only. I have:
sysctl vfs.nfsd.server_min_nfsvers=4

I start all NFS-related services manually (from script)
rpcbind -s -h
mountd -rnl -h
nfsd -ut -n 4 -h

/etc/exports has:
V4:  /     -network
/data/amd64      /data/amd64/boot/s386    -ro -network
/usr/local	-ro -maproot=0	-network
/home		-network

Running "nfsstat -m" from a PXE client gives me: on /
nfsv2,tcp,resvport,hard,cto,lockd,sec=sys,acdirmin=3,acdirmax=60,acregmin=5,acregmax=60,nametimeo=60,negnametimeo=60,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,readdirsize=8192,readahead=1,wcommitsize=1997092,timeout=120,retrans=2 on /home
nfsv3,tcp,resvport,hard,intr,cto,lockd,sec=sys,acdirmin=3,acdirmax=60,acregmin=5,acregmax=60,nametimeo=60,negnametimeo=60,rsize=65536,wsize=65536,readdirsize=65536,readahead=1,wcommitsize=1997092,timeout=120,retrans=2 on /usr/local

The PXE-booted kernel is compiled with: nfscommon, nfssvc, nfs, nfscl,
On server side, in addition to the above, these are loaded as modules:
acl_nfs4.ko, nfsd.ko, nfslockd.ko

PXE client's /etc/rc.conf the only NFS-related entry is:

PXE client's /etc/fstab is: /       nfs     ro      0       0 /usr/local nfs   ro      0       0       /home   nfs     rw,hard,intr    0  0

* Considering V2/V3 for NFS is getting dropped from code base, PXE clients
used to need max V3 as root and could not mount_root with V4. Has this
changed? If so, what services do the clients need to get V4 on root working
(RO, no RW)?

* There was a simple command to show from server-side what version of NFS
the exports were running, but I seem to have lost that. Any clues?

* Have any of these services become capable of running from inside a jail
environment? {rpcbind mountd nfsd nfsuserd} - it does not seem so, but just

Thanks and Regards.

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