installincludes, and param.h

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at
Tue Oct 14 16:09:18 UTC 2014

 Bezüglich Ian Lepore's Nachricht vom 14.10.2014 17:37 (localtime):
> It appears that while has lost the ability to use the
> version of the running system (sysctl kern.osreldate), it still has the
> logic to just use OSVERSION if it's already set on the make command line
> or in the environment.  Can you leverage that to regain the behavior
> you're used to?

In general yes, that's what I did since my last ports-svn-update, but
only to avoid complete breakage.
Problem is that I have absolutely not in mind what OSVERSION on what
machine to set. So I'm supplying a "dummy" version. That shouldn't be a
problem for my purposes, but it's simply wrong. This check was
introduced to gather the »correct« OSVERSION ;-) And manually supplying
the correct version doesn't work due to brain contraints ;-)
I like the idea to ask a userland installed indicator. But I'm not
familar enough with and the related installworld stage. I'd
just need the hint from where include/Makefile gets conditionally
(MK_TOOLCCHAIN!=no) included ... ?!? Somwhere it start's recursing the
SUBDIRs, and I guess every binary calls installincludes: from it's
directory (which works since and include, but I can't find at what SUBDIR param.h is involved.



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