NFS installworld failures

Garrett Wollman wollman at
Mon Oct 6 04:55:26 UTC 2014

In article <54320E76.3010702 at>, rcarter at writes:

>Am I the only one attempting to maintain a local cluster using
>a buildworld server and mounting /usr/src/ and /usr/obj/ via NFS?


>I intermittently run into installworld failures, usually
>in sys/boot/i386 but occasionally e.g. cddl/lib where the
>install targets are apparently out of date, and want to be
>rebuilt, which doesn't work with a read-only mount.

I've seen errors like this on 9.3, and was somewhat concerned about
9.3's NFS implementation as a result.  Never on 9.1 or 9.2.  (Sorry, I
don't have any 10.0 systems yet -- we'll go to 10.1 after Christmas.)
I am wondering if it's at all related to my issue with bonnie++
failing when run over NFS on a 9.3 client.  (I haven't tracked this
down yet.)

>Is this a reasonable thing to expect to work, or maybe not?

It's supposed to work.


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