i915 driver update testing

Konstantin Belousov kostikbel at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 17:03:04 UTC 2014

Please find at the
a patch which provides some updates to the i915 driver. At large, this
is import of the batch of Linux commits, and as such, it is interesting
mostly as attempt to restart the race to get us more up to date Linux code
imported. It might provide some bug fixes, most likely for IvyBridge.
Interesting from the development PoV is the update of the GEM i/o ioctl
code path to mimic Linux code structure.

I am asking _only_ for reports of regressions with the patch applied,
comparing with the code which is currently in HEAD. I will not debug
any existing bugs, my goal right now is to commit this update, which is
needed for further work. I.e., only when you get an issue with the patch
applied, but cannot reproduce the problem without the patch, please
prepare a bug report.

FYI, the driver will attach to haswell gfx, but I am not interested in
reports about this (see above paragraph). On my test box, which is Core
i7 4770S, the mode-setting and front-buffer rendering works, but Mesa
immediately cause renderer to bug out.

Work was sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation, both by time and hardware,
and Intel provided access to the documentation.

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