android bsd connectivity tools etc ?

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Thu Nov 6 00:03:03 UTC 2014

"Julian H. Stacey" <jhs at> wrote:

Firstly, if you haven't already, I'd recommend 'Android terminal
emulator' and 'hackers keyboard' - both free from the Play store.

To be able to create startup scripts without reflashing etc. you
must have root, and be able to write the file

> NFS [& AMD] [& SSH] would be ideal for me.
> I had a look on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with Android 4.4.2 kernel
> 3.4.0, & skimmed index of the 182 page pdf, but I dont know how to
> tell if mine has NFS ? Or how to get it.

I have the dropbear ssh client and server. I've not managed to compile
them or openssh yet - instead I grabbed the binaries (opened source)
from inside one of the free sshd server apps on the play store.

One of my newer devices doesn't come with NFS, the others do. You need
to find the correct nfs.ko kernel module for your kernel, and/or
recompile the linux kernel - both things I've not achieved yet
(running FreeBSD and not Linux/Windows makes things harder with no
SDK etc.) but all this is part of what I'm investigating at the
moment, so it would be great to be able to share notes with someone
else sith a FreeBSD mindset.

If you have nfs already, the standard mount should work from root:

 | 23:29 [3] (1) root at tabbycat:"/usr/users/jamie" # mkdir /tmp/test
 | 23:29 [3] (2) root at tabbycat:"/usr/users/jamie" # mount -o nolock,hard,ro lnfs:/nfs/b/tabbycat/ /tmp/test
 | 23:30 [3] (3) root at tabbycat:"/usr/users/jamie" # df -h
 | Filesystem                  Size      Used Available Capacity  Mounted on
 | tmpfs                     176.7M     52.0K    176.7M     0%    /dev
 | devpts                         0         0         0     0%    /dev/pts
 | proc                           0         0         0     0%    /proc
 | sysfs                          0         0         0     0%    /sys
 | none                           0         0         0     0%    /acct
 | tmpfs                     176.7M         0    176.7M     0%    /mnt/asec
 | tmpfs                     176.7M         0    176.7M     0%    /mnt/obb
 | /dev/block/nandd         1007.9M    282.6M    725.3M    28%    /system
 | /dev/block/nande         1007.9M    137.4M    870.5M    14%    /data
 | /dev/block/nandh          252.0M      4.3M    247.7M     2%    /cache
 | /dev/block/nandd         1007.9M    282.6M    725.3M    28%    /bin
 | hidden                         0         0         0     0%    /system/.bin_mount
 | tmpfs                     128.0M      8.0K    128.0M     0%    /tmp
 | /dev/block/nandj2         718.0M    404.7M    313.3M    56%    /usr
 | /dev/block/nandj3         100.4M     19.3M     81.1M    19%    /var
 | tmpfs                       1.0M      4.0K   1020.0K     0%    /var/run
 | /dev/block/mmcblk0p2       18.6G      1.3G     16.4G     7%    /data2
 | /dev/block/vold/93:76      23.5M      8.0K     23.5M     0%    /mnt/extsd
 | /dev/block/vold/179:3      10.5G      5.5G      5.0G    52%    /mnt/sdcard
 | /dev/block/vold/179:3      10.5G      5.5G      5.0G    52%    /mnt/secure/asec
 | tmpfs                          0         0         0     0%    /mnt/sdcard/.android_secure
 | lnfs:/nfs/j/Misc/           1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /mnt/sdcard/Misc
 | lnfs:/nfs/j/Music/          1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /mnt/sdcard/Music/lapcat
 | lnfs:/nfs/j/Videos/         1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /mnt/sdcard/Videos/lapcat
 | lnfs:/nfs/j/Pictures/       1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/lapcat
 | lnfs:/nfs/APK-archives/         1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /APK-archives
 | lnfs:/nfs/b/tabbycat/       1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /backups
 | lnfs:/nfs/b/tabbycat/       1.8T      1.5T    143.7G    91%    /tmp/test
 | 23:30 [3] (4) root at tabbycat:"/usr/users/jamie" # l /tmp/test
 | total 32
 |      4 drwxr-x---    9 root     root           512 Nov  1 07:28 ./
 |      0 drwxrwxrwt    3 root     root           160 Nov  5 23:33 ../
 |      4 drwxr-xr-x   20 rootfs   rootfs        1024 Nov  5 09:23 BASE/
 |      4 drwxr-x---    2 root     root           512 Nov  5 16:35 logs/
 |      4 drwxr-x---    2 root     root           512 Oct 25 11:49 monthly/
 |      4 drwxr-x---    7 root     root           512 Nov  5 16:36 often/
 |      4 drwxr-x---    5 root     root           512 Nov  1 07:49 old/
 |      4 drwxr-x---    2 root     root           512 Oct 29 09:20 partial/
 |      4 drwxr-x---    4 root     root           512 Nov  3 03:35 weekly/
 | 23:30 [3] (5) root at tabbycat:"/usr/users/jamie" #

I'd be more than happy to share my findings/code/ etc. with you,
maybe private mail would be better?

As a quick 'summary', I use FreeBSD exclusively on my servers etc., but
do have 5 Android devices.

My achievements with them (not currently complete with all of them) is to
give them a decent Unix environment, all running NFS to my home FreeBSD
server, sshd, IP6 (FreeBSD server is my IP6 router - it uses
to get IP6 over my consumer IP4 only ISP), cron, cc, rsync, passwd/group,
rc.d, cc, etc. and for me to be able to access them from anywhere when
they are connected to the home network.

Integrated external memory card into main disk space. None of this
/mnt/sdcard /mnt/extsd restriction crap.

Swap space, where appropriate (you have to be careful with android swap, as
android tends to preload apps when there is free memory)

Modern shell.

More typical partition mounts.

Auto-deduped backups, and automatic archive of all APK's (these 2 tasks
are initiated from the FreeBSD side - I was fed up with some app 'upgrades'
being crap, and then unable to find the prevuous version to revert)

I won't use 'apps' to do any of this, it all has to be done on the unix
side of things. (apart from being less clunky, it was a necessity on my
first cheapo tablet with little RAM)

> I get no umass & /dev/da* I probably need to tweak my android somehow.

I haven't noticed problems with FreeBSD recognising usb, but I've been
mainly concentrating on lan connectivity so I'll leave any USB stuff to
the experts!

> Thank to all who have contributed info & URLS etc.  Collated at:
> Corrections, additions etc welcome.

I've been meaning to document my android stuff, so anything I can do to

>  Indent previous with "> ".  Interleave reply paragraphs like a play script.

Yes, and how's that working out for you? :-(

The indiscriminate quoting and top-posting is why I (and I'm sure many others)
rarely follow the FreeBSD lists anymore, and the posters here are the LAST
people I'd expected to post in such a brain-dead way :-(
Still, it makes me feel less guilty for this post straying into off-topic


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