Newcons with Nvidia

Thomas Hoffmann trh411 at
Tue Mar 18 02:31:26 UTC 2014

The newcons wiki page shows that newcons with Nvidia as UNKNOWN. That may
or may not change after this report.

I'm running -CURRENT r263278 amd64 with an Nvidia GeForce 8800M GTS using
the nv driver from x11-drivers/xorg-driver. I built/booted a newcons
kernel, applied the vidcontrol-for-vt-2014-03-11patch and "installed" the
/usr/share/vt/fonts/gallant.fnt font.

With syscons, I would start with an 80x24 text console for the boot and
then switch to a 1920x1200 (240x75 - 8x16) virtual terminal once
allscreens_flags got processed in /etc/rc.conf. With newcons, there were
four changes of note:

1) a new console font (gallant maybe?) for the 80x24 text console;
2) no mode switch to 1920x1200 with allscreens_flags. The message
"vidcontrol: Setting video mode: inappropriate ioctl for device" was
written to the console/terminal, ostensibly when it tried to process
3) The message "Configuring syscons: blanktimevt4_mode = 1;
allscreensvt4_mode = 1" was written to the console around the time (I
think)  /etc/rc.conf was being processed. Not sure what these mean.
4) "vidcontrol -i mode" shows no usable modes (all show 0000x0000) or fonts
(all show 0x0).

So, some questions:
1) Is what I am seeing expected given the current state of newcons
development and the Nvidia card/driver?
2) Is there a way to get back to a 1920x1200 video mode for my virtual
terminals with newcons? Or even get it early in the boot process?
3) Are there any tests I can run that would be of value to the newcons team
4) Should I just take my newcons kernel and Nvidia card and go away :)))

I'll admit I spend so little time using virtual terminals I almost don't
care what mode newcons gives me. As long as X gives me 1920x1200, and it
still does, I'll be happy.

Thanks for all your efforts on newcons.


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