WITHOUT_OPENSSL build failure

Tony Morlan tony at scroner.com
Mon Jun 9 22:21:49 UTC 2014


When trying to buildworld from 267293 with WITHOUT_OPENSSL I run into a
few issues. It seems that the following options currently need to be


The WITHOUT_BSNMP option also currently needs to enforce WITHOUT_ATM.

With those all set, WITHOUT_OPENSSL almost works. There remains a
warning in libfetch, and both ctld and iscsid use OpenSSL with the
option set or not.

I've included a patch with a one liner change to avoid the warning in
libfetch, and changes to usr.sbin/ctld and usr.sbin/iscsid to use
arc4random_buf and md5.h instead of similar OpenSSL functions. I don't
use iscsi, so that part of the patch is unfortunately untested. It might
be preferable to add WITHOUT_CTLD and WITHOUT_ISCSID instead.

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