Install 10.0-RC3 on MacBookPro Late 2013

Huang Wen Hui huanghwh at
Mon Jan 6 03:01:06 UTC 2014


I am trying to install FreeBSD on MacBookPro Late 2013, I got 3 main

1. USB problem

This MacBookPro model only have xhci controller, 10.0-RC3 and 9.2R not
working, keyboard and touchpad not respond. Error messages are
"xhci_do_command: Command timeout!" and "USB_ERR_TIMEOUT".
I also try to set "hw.usb.xhci.msi=0", no lucky.

But 9.1R is OK, I copy xhci*.* file from 9.1R to 10.0, with very small
change, and
xhci works under 10.0-RC3!

dmesg in 10.0-RC3:
vmstat -i in 10.0-RC3:
pciconf in 10.0-RC3:

dmesg in 10.0 + xhci of 9.1R:
vmstat -i in  + xhci of 9.1R:

2. AHCI timeout problem

After booting, system quickly hit ahci timeout problem, I have to set
"camcontrol tags ada0 -N 1".
this can decrease timeout problem, but still happen when running heavy IO.

"hint.ahci.0.msi=0" seem to fix this problem, but ahci and xhci use same
IRQ 16, this make 10.0+9.1xhci
unstable:( Internal keyboard and touchpad not working,  external keyboard
and mouse working.

vmstat -i in 10.0+9.1xhci with "hint.ahci.0.msi=0":
camcontrol identify:

3. Random hang

Sometimes the system(10.0+9.1xhci) hang without any message, keyboard,
mouse and ping ping not respond.
console no message, ctrl+alt+esc also could not break into ddb, I may try
firewire/dcons, help it can get some
useful information.

I really like to have a working freebsd on MacBookPro, anything I can
provide or any ideas?

Huang Wen Hui

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