Import of DragonFly Mail Agent

Baptiste Daroussin bapt at
Sun Feb 23 21:12:01 UTC 2014


As some of you may have noticed, I have imorted a couple of days ago dma
(DragonFly Mail Agent) in base. I have been asked to explain my motivation so
here they are.

DragonFly Mail Agent is a minimalistic mailer that is able to relay mails to
some smtp servers (with TLS, authentication and so on)

It supports MASQUERADE and NULLCLIENT, and is able to deliver mails locally
(respecting aliases).

I imported it because dma is lightweight, BSD license and easy to use.

The code base is rather small and easy to capsicumize (which I plan to do)

My initial goal is not to replace sendmail. All I want is a small mailer
simple to configure, and not listening to port 25, suitable for small
environment (embedded and/or resource bounded) as well as for server deployment.

To be honnest dma needs a bit of more work (improving the retry queue,
capsicumize), but is working.

I have read a couple of the past discussions about what are the requirements for
base as a mailer (in case one want to remove sendmail) and yes dma is
fulfilling all of them.

That said I have never been a supporter of having a full mail server in base, as
I consider a full mail server as being a specific use case so not required on
all setup, in my opinion dma is the kind of mailer that fits better with base

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