did tar(1) loose xz compression support in 11?

Chris H bsd-lists at bsdforge.com
Tue Aug 26 23:31:20 UTC 2014

> "Chris H" <bsd-lists at bsdforge.com> writes:
>>> On 8/26/14 11:05 AM, Chris H wrote:
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> I'm currently testing 11. My build / install is from about 2 days ago.
>>>> I generally use xz compression, when creating archives. But when I
>>>> attempt the following:
>>>> tar -cvJ --options xz:9 -f ./archive-name.tar.xz ./file
>>>> it returns the following:
>>>> tar: Undefined option: `xz:9'
>>>> This has always worked in previous versions. Has the syntax changed,
>>>> and the man(1) pages just haven't caught up?
>>> I use:
>>> tar -cJ --options xz:compression-level=1
>>> .. on head. Are you using the right syntax?
>> Apparently not. Using your example works as expected.
>> RELENG_8, and RELENG_9 use short-hand;
>> tar -cvJ --options xz:9
>> Why/when the change to long-hand? Seems a shame. Now I
>> get to modify all my scripts, and such. :P Altho I
>> don't suppose it'd be a big deal to back out (revert) the
>> changes made to tar(1). :)
> I can't find any changes that would make the syntax change.  At least,
> not in quite a long while.  Therefore, this change may not be
> intentional. However, I looked at the the manual page from 9.3, and its
> description of the features looks the same as on the latest HEAD, and
> *doesn't* look like leaving out a "key" (in this case,
> "compression-level") is ever compliant.
> You might try the latest (or older) libarchive from the ports, and
> compare its behaviour. Also, there are a number (amusingly many, in
> fact) of other ways of specifying these parameters that may be more
> convenient for you, so another look throught the tar(1) manual might
> save you a few minutes.
Thank you, Lowell. For your extremely informative reply.
Curious. The man page I read from my freshly built 11-CURRENT indicates
the following:

     A decimal integer from 0 to 9 specifying the xz compres-
     sion level.

As I have always read that (interpreted it). It meant:
xz:<decimal-number> (0-9)
Which is what I've always used. I haven't grepped ports||src
yet. But if it makes any difference, it came from src -- build/install
I'll do some poking around. But all my other boxes (RELENG_8 && RELENG_9)
use xz:<decimal-number>.

Thanks again, Lowell. For taking the time to respond. Greatly appreciated.


> Good luck.
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