How to get a mouse in vt(4) -- NEWCONS

Chris H bsd-lists at
Mon Aug 25 20:57:40 UTC 2014

 I'm testing 11-CURRENT, and have build/installed a kernel, and world.
The KERNCONF includes both sc, and vt. As I understand it. If both are
included, I get sc, not vt. But all previous kerns I've built that had
sc, provided a mouse upon boot. However, in 11, I don't get one. What
must be done? I'd like to try vt(4), and I've read the man page for
it, and have added:
in /boot/loader.conf
having done so, does NOT enable mouse support, and turns OFF
cursor="blink" which is defined in rc.conf(5). I also read that
hw.vga.textmode is available. However
sysctl hw.vga.textmode
returns unknown oid. I would choose graphics (0) if it was available.
But appears not.

Thank you for all your time, and consideration.


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