installing packages into a mounted system

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Thu Aug 14 13:18:59 UTC 2014


I've compiled ~1300 packages with poudriere 3.1pre on a 'head' system;
went fine;

mounted below /mnt is a complete new system (an USB key) which boots
fine alreaday; the 1300 resulting *.txz file are copied into /mnt/PKGDIR

in the past, using the pkg_* tools, I could just install the packages

# export PKG_PATH
# chroot /mnt pkg_add xorg-7.7
# chroot /mnt pkg_add kde-4.10.5

How this can be done now with pkg(8)? I thought I will compile a
pkg-static and move this to into the /mnt system too with

# chroot /mnt mkdir -p /usr/local/sbin
# cp -p /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static /mnt/usr/local/sbin

pkg-static(8) works there, bringing up the help with:

# chroot /mnt /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static help

But, how do I specify that it should install for example xorg-7.7
having its file (and all others) in /mnt/PKGDIR/xorg-7.7.txz 

It seems to look for some files digests.txz or repo.txz which I do not

# chroot /mnt /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static install xorg-7.7
Updating repository catalogue
pkg-static: file://PKGDIR/digests.txz: No such file or directory
pkg-static: No digest falling back on legacy catalog format
pkg-static: file://PKGDIR/repo.txz: No such file or directory 

Any hints?



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