HOWTO articles for migrating from Linux to FreeBSD, especially for pkg?

Thiago Barroso Perrotta thiagoperrotta95 at
Tue Aug 12 01:04:59 UTC 2014


First of all, hello. I intended to reply to [1], but since I am new to
this mailing list, I found that it would be better to create a
new thread (if any of you know how to reply to a mailman message
without much trouble, I would appreciate to discover it).

I am the author of the post referred in the previous message (Wordpress
brought me here). I am liking FreeBSD, and I'll probably migrate soon
my current Debian server to it. One of the reasons that I enjoyed
FreeBSD is because it is similar to Arch Linux (my current preferred
Linux distro) in various ways.

Anyways, I just wanted to indicate this [2] link to you. It is a good
resource comparing different package manager commands. Right now it
does not include FreeBSD's pkg, however I highly encourage you to add
one more column to this table, featuring it. There is no problem that
pkg is not a Linux thing.

Also, I am interested in the direction the original thread could go. As
a almost-2,5 years Linux user, I could have discovered FreeBSD before.
One of the reasons that I haven't paid much attention to it in the past
was just because I didn't know that it had a large community. I thought
it was small, not much significant. I'm still confused about the
difference between the several BSDs out there (Open, Net, DragonFly,
etc) and the relative size of each community, however at least I can
see it is significant :)




- Thiago
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