Fresh current (r269328) amd64: high load average while idle, slow keyboard reaction

Jan Kokemüller jan.kokemueller at
Fri Aug 1 18:48:49 UTC 2014


> Maybe this is a problem caused by a misdetected clock source? I've had
> this problem as well.

I've appended the patch I've been using to fix this problem on this 
Intel Core2Duo T6570 processor. There are some model IDs hardcoded in 
the TSC detection code that enable TSC even though it's not invariant 
here (no TSC_INVARIANT bit set on the CPU). There is some quirk code 
further down that disables TSC once again, but it only works for 
processors that have C3 power states (the T6570 doesn't). I don't think 
any of this model checking code is necessary, but maybe I'm wrong.

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