A PRIV_* flag for /dev/mem?

Jamie Gritton jamie at FreeBSD.org
Fri May 17 19:14:35 UTC 2013

I'm considering Alexander Leidinger's patch to make X11 work inside a 
jail (http://leidinger.net/FreeBSD/current-patches/0_jail.diff).  It 
allows a jail to optionally have access to /dev/io and DRI (provided the 
requisite device files are visible in the devfs ruleset).

I'm planning on putting this under a single jail permission, which would 
group those two together as device access that allows messing with 
kernel memory.  It seems more complete to put /dev/mem under that same 
umbrella, with the side benefit of letting me call it "allow.dev_mem".

Currently, access is controlled only by device file permission and a 
securelevel check.  Jail access is allowed as long as the /dev/mem is in 
the jail's ruleset (it isn't by default).  Adding a prison_priv_check() 
call would allow some finer control over this.  Something like:

memopen(struct cdev *dev __unused, int flags, int fmt __unused,
     struct thread *td)
     int error;

     error = priv_check(td, PRIV_FOO);
     if (error != 0 && (flags & FWRITE))
         error = securelevel_gt(td->td_ucred, 0);

     return (error);

The main question I'm coming up with here is, what PRIV_* flag should I 
use.  Does PRIV_IO make sense?  PRIV_DRIVER?  Something new like 
PRIV_KMEM?  Also, I'd appreciate if anyone familiar with this interface 
can tell me if memopen() is the right/only place to make this change.

- Jamie

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