Cannot startx on FreeBSD10 Current

Miguel Clara miguelmclara at
Sat Jun 22 00:35:12 UTC 2013

Mark Felder <feld <at>> writes:

> On Fri, 14 Jun 2013 12:05:13 -0500, Miguel Clara <miguelmclara <at>>  
> wrote:
> >
> > I wouldn't consider having no visual output from a laptop when you
> > reboot/shutdown low priority...
> > But that's not for me to decide... in any case is there any Bug
> > Report/PR open about this that we can follow up? I would like to keep up
> > to date with this.
> >
> The driver is still in heavy development and considered incomplete, so  
> there is no PR. Keep an eye on this Wiki page, and note the FAQ at the  
> bottom:
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Sorry to get back to this, but I was testing other stuff in the meantime and
had no time to reply.

It seams that the issue is not just the black screen, the laptop won't trun
off at all or reboot!

If the other problem wasn't already a big issue this is indeed a major one!

The only way to turn off is but "force" and this can cause damage to
filesystems, this is indeed a very big issue, and I'm not sure if its
specific to KMS or some freebsd-current problem cause I have no way to look
into it!

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