ccache issues during buildworld on recent -CURRENT

Eggert, Lars lars at
Mon Jun 17 14:02:17 UTC 2013


On Jun 17, 2013, at 14:51, Bryan Drewery <bdrewery at> wrote:
> ccache is known to be broken with clang [1]. I would recommend not using it.

Pity! We do buildworld often enough that that's an inconvenience.

> Sometimes CCACHE_CPP2=1 in make.conf can help. CCACHE_CPP2=1 is
> hardcoded in version 3.1.9_2 of devel/ccache on CURRENT. There are other
> classes of problems that are not fixed in upstream ccache yet.

doesn't seem to help, unfortunately.

> There are a few fixes in the ccache development repository that I have
> been meaning to bring to our devel/ccache port.

I'd be happy to test once there is something to test!


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