Fixing X220 Video The Right Way

matt sendtomatt at
Fri Jun 14 23:00:40 UTC 2013

On 06/14/13 08:39, John Baldwin wrote:

> I got this to work by using 4 backslashes.  At that point the patch
> worked. (I recently got access to an X220.)  I get a local APIC
> error each time I adjust the brightness though (probably the BIOS
> is doing something wonky).

That's awesome! I've asked -CURRENT about the

I tried single quotes, double quotes, double backslash, and I meant to
try ascii escapes next :)

I'm glad you got this working, it makes the X220 (and probably other
laptops with similar issues) more usable on FreeBSD.

I'll have to bring my X220 back up to current and start looking at
sleep issues next.


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