zfs kernel panic, known incompatibilities with clang & CPUTYPE/COPTFLAGS?

Dimitry Andric dim at freebsd.org
Wed Jun 12 20:39:53 UTC 2013

On Jun 12, 2013, at 22:30, Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at Leidinger.net> wrote:
> I try to update from a pre-clang world (r242511M) to "now" (r251618M).
> The resulting kernel boots, but while starting some jails (with ezjail
> from ports, so fairly late in the boot process) I get a kernel panic
> (IIRC zfs trying to access page 0).

If you are running on i386, it might be a stack overflow?  Try
increasing the stack a little, it might help in that case.

In any case, please try to get a backtrace.

> Before I try to get some time to debug this, I would like to know if
> there are some known incompatibilities with my make.conf settings. With
> gcc I used successfully this:
> ---snip---
> COPTFLAGS= -O2 -pipe
> CPUTYPE?=core2
> ---snip---
> With those settings I first did a buildworld, then a buildkernel with
> the r251618 sources.
> Are there some known issues with those settings? If yes, any suggestions
> what I should use instead? If not, would it be beneficial to try with
> different settings (which ones)?

"-O2 -pipe" is the default setting, so it should work.  I personally
also always use CPUTYPE core2, and I have never seen any panics.  Then
again, I do not usually use jails intensively...


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