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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Wed Jun 12 17:51:23 UTC 2013


 I would like your comments on release notes for each release.
 Although I have been working on editing them for years, the workflow
 is still not optimal and sometimes delay of the preparation became an
 obstacle for release process.  I would like to improve it, but before
 that I would like to know what are desired of the contents which
 people think.

 Release Notes is just listing the changes between the two releases.
 It includes user-visible change (bugfix and/or UI change), new
 functionality, and performance improvement.  Minor changes such as
 one in kernel internal structure are omitted.  I always try to keep
 these series of relnotes items are correct and reasonably
 comprehensive, but this lengthy list may be boring and
 technically-correct descriptions can be cryptic for average users.

 So, my questions are:

 1. What do you think about current granularity of the relnotes items?
    Too detailed, good, or too rough?  Currently, judgment of what is
    included or not is based on user-visible, new functionality, or
    performance improvement.  Applicable changes are included as
    relnotes items even if the changes are small,

 2. Do you want technical details?  For example, just "disk access
    performance was improved by 50%" or "Feature A has been added.
    This changes the old behavior because ..., and as a result, it
    improves disk access performance by 50%".

 3. Is there missing information which should be in the relnotes?
    Probably there are some missing items for each release, but this
    question is one at some abstraction level.  Link to commit log and
    diff, detailed description of major incompatible changes, and so

 Although the other release documentations---Errata, Installation
 Notes, ReadMe, and Hardware Notes---also need some improvements,
 please focus on Release Notes only.  And you might think quality of
 English writing are not good, please leave that alone for now.

-- Hiroki
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