10-CURRENT i386 memstick snapshots broken?

Tim Kientzle tim at kientzle.com
Sat Jun 8 19:10:31 UTC 2013

On Jun 8, 2013, at 10:34 AM, Glen Barber wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 07, 2013 at 05:22:56PM -0400, Glen Barber wrote:
>>> Has anyone else tried the i386 memstick and having the same problem?
>> Hmm.  Thanks for the report.  I'll take a look at the logs for i386, but
>> they are generated the same way as the amd64, so in theory should not
>> have any noticable difference.
> For amd64 and i386, native binaries are built, and installed into
> scratch directories; for powerpc and powerpc64, I just use the amd64
> binaries, because I cannot directly use the chroot binaries for
> non-native architecture.
> The scripts chroot into the scratch directories, and run the "real"
> release builds.

Have you tried using Crochet for this sort of thing?

Since it was designed from the ground up for cross-building
bootable images, it should avoid these issues.

The only fundamental limit right now is that Crochet uses
the host system to build the UFS filesystems, so it can't
build big-endian MIPS images on i386, for example.


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